Academic Information


The Ways to get to UNIST
1st Semester (Spring) Summer Vacation 2nd Semester (Fall) Winter Vacation
16 weeks 10 weeks (SummerSession: 6weeks) 16 weeks 10 weeks (Winter Session: 6weeks)


Selection of Major

Submit ‘Major and Advisor Selection’ and ‘Pledge of Observance of Research Ethics’ in the beginning of the first semester of program of study

Change of Major

Possible to change your major with the President’s permission

Change of Degree Program

  • Master’s Program → Combined Master’s-Doctoral Program
  • Requirements:
    • Should earn 16 credits with a GPA of 3.7 or higher.
  • Selection Places: Within the student capacity of the Combined Master’s-Doctoral Program in the 2020 academic year.

Program Period

Coursework Period

Coursework Period
Program Year Semester
Master’s 2 4
Doctoral 4 8
Combined Master’s-Doctoral 6 12

Enrollment Period

Enrollment Period
Program Year Semester
Master’s 3 6
Doctoral 6 12
Combined Master’s-Doctoral 7 14

Academic Leave/return

  • Academic Leave
    • Type: Military service, Personal Reason (Study abroad, Family matters, Others)
    • Period: 1 time for max. 1 year (It shouldn’t be more than 2 years)
      ※ Exception: Additional 2 years for Pregnancy / Childbirth / Maternity Leave/ Company Foundation/ Illness
  • Procedure for Academic Leave/Return
    • Online Application
      : Sign up for the application at the portal site, during the designated period.
    • Walk-in Application
      : If the designated period is elapsed, fill out a relevant form and should submit it to the school office.



  • Only When a student attends more than 3/4 of the classes, his/her grade will be admitted
  • If a student cannot attend a class due to unavoidable reasons, he/she can submit
  • Request for Attendance Approval Form’ to the couse instructor and get an approval.

Grading System

  • Letter grade for lecture, experiment, lecture + experiment courses
  • S (successful) or U (unsuccessful) for seminars, master’s research, doctoral research, etc. (☞ it is not included in GPA calculation)
Coursework Period
Grade A+ A0 A- B+ B0 B- C+ C0 C- D+ D0 D- F
Point 4.3 4.0 3.7 3.3 3.0 2.7 2.3 2.0 1.7 1.3 1.0 0.7 0
  • Repeating a course is not allowed in principle.

Academic probation

  • A GPA lower than 3.0
  • If a student receives an academic probation three times in total, he/she will be expelled.

Completion Requirement

Completion Requirement
Program Coursework Period Credits Required Qualifying Exam (Q.E.)
Lecture Research Total
Master’s 2 years 15 4 28
Doctoral 2 years 12 14 60 Should be passed within 3 years after enrollment
Combined Master’s-Doctoral Completion of Master’s Course 2 years 15 4 28
Completion of Doctoral Course 4 years 21 18 60 Should be passed within 3 years after enrollment
  • ※ Please check additional requirements decided by each department
  • ※ Q.E. will be arranged by each department

Degree Requirement

Common requirement

Those who have earned required credits (course + research) and 
 pass an English exam.
※ The official English test score requirements for the Degree Requirement have separate standards for each major,
so please inquire for each major after admission.

Master’s Degree

Should pass an oral test and defense for Master’s thesis.

Doctoral Degree

  • Should submit an research proposal one year before handing in a thesis.
  • Should publish at least one research paper in an international journal.(SCI/SCI-E)
    ※ If students taking Combined Master’s-Doctoral Program want to withdraw the program
    after the completion of Master’s courses, Master’s Degree shall be awarded.