UNIST provides all international students with student dormitories on campus, and room reservations are usually made before you come to the school. Move-in dates are from February 19 to 20. If you arrive before the scheduled dates, please let us know in advance. There are two types of rooms: single and two bed rooms. The prices are as follows:

Room Type Charge (KRW)
1/Room (Single) 1st dorm (Included 2meal) Around 1,100,000
1st dorm (Included 2meal) Around 1,100,000
2/Room (Double) 1st dorm (Included 2meal) Around 850,000
1st dorm (Included 3meal) Around 930,000
2nd dorm (Included 2meal) Around 910,000
2nd dorm (Included 3meal) Around 990,000
3rd dorm (Included 2meal) Around 1,004,000
3rd dorm (Included 3meal) Around 1,086,500

Students are responsible for electricity, water, gas and other maintenance expense. It probably costs KRW 10,000 to 20,000, depending on your consumption though. You will need to prepare your own blanket and pillow since they are not provided by the dorms.

  • After check-in, payment can be made in the designated bank.
  • It is compulsory that you have to submit your health record to the office, and recommended that you should bring it from your country, however if not prepared, you could go to a hospital in Korea as well.
  • Health record should include tests for HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis B.
  • As a dorm resident, you are required to buy tickets for lunch and dinner at the dorm cafeteria, and it is KRW2,500 per meal. Lunch is optional, so you can freely choose your meal at either dorm or other cafeterias on the campus.
  • It is banned to bring any cooking equipment and electric devices such as heater, iron, kettle and so on. Please keep in mind that there are no cooking facilities provided in the dorms.

Health Insurance

It is compulsory that all international students should purchase insurance which can cover medical treatment or accident. If you are an insurance subscriber, please hand in a copy of Insurance Policy to IRT or buy one of insurance items recommended.

UNIST on-campus Insurance

UNIST provides international students with on-campus insurance which can be covered for accidents happened on campus during lectures, school-related activities, etc.

Individual Health Insurance

  • Type: AIG Health Insurance for International students
  • Cost: KRW 180,000 for two years (depending on coverage)
  • General Coverage: Traffic accidents, lacerated wounds, simple fractures, broken bones, sprains, serious disease, colds, headaches, stomachache, skin disease, appendicitis, etc.

Student charges for each case

Student charges for each case
Outpatient Inpatient Pharmacy
Clinics: KRW 10,000 per day 10% of the total medical costs KRW 8,000 per day
General hospitals: KRW 15,000 per day
Uni. hospitals: KRW 20,000 per day

Exclusions: pre-existing conditions, immunizations, eye treatment, psychiatric illness, maternity.