Coming to UNIST

By bullet train

There are bullet trains running from Seoul to Ulsan Train Station, and it takes two and? half an hour. Once you arrive at Ulsan Train Station, there is 807 bus to UNIST. Or you could catch a taxi, which costs KRW 6,000.

By bus

At Seoul Bus Station, there are express buses which run every one hour to Ulsan. Passing through the Ulsan Tollgate, a driver will make an announcement for the first stop, called Shinbok Roundabout where you can get on a city bus, 733 will directly take you to UNIST. It would be KRW5,000 if you get in a taxi.

The Ways to get to UNIST

The Ways to get to UNIST
From Incheon Int’l Airport Incheon Int’l Airport Gimpo Airport(Domestic) Seoul Bus Station Seoul Train Station Ulsan Bus Terminal Ulsan Train Station
To Seoul Train Station Seoul Bus Station Ulsan Airport Ulsan Bus Station Ulsan Train Station UNIST UNIST
Trans portation Express Bus Express Bus Airplane Express Bus Train Bus Bus
Duration 1 hrs 50mins 1hrs 5hrs 2hr 30mins 40mins 15mins
Price(KRW) 14,000 14,000 90,000 20,900 to 29,300 64,800 1,000 1,000
* Recommended