Admission Guide

* Inquiry: [email protected]

* If you click the ‘Apply to Graduate Admission for Foreigner’ button during the application period, you will be directed to the application website.

* For proper compatibility, be sure to use the ‘Chrome’ browser when applying for admission.(Do not use other Internet browsers such as ‘Internet explorer’ to access the website.)

* Because email replies are limited, Do not use the email ‘’ for admission application or related inquiries.

* Before applying for admission, be sure to read and check the admission guidelines and the information related to the admission application and document submission procedure.

* Applicants are responsible for any disadvantages or responsibilities due to incorrect application.

* Application for admission and submission of documents are conducted online on the application website.
* Be sure to check the “Details on English Test Report (Score)” listed in the guidelines and submit official English proficiency scores that meet our criteria.(Applicants for the Energy and Chemical Engineering major are not permitted to be exempted from the official English proficiency test and must submit it.)
* The application webpage for admission will be opened at the Application Period.