Notice of Application for the 2023 Fall Graduate Admission(This is Regular Admission, Not GKS-G)

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2월 21, 2023

    Please refer to the Admission guideline for the regular admission process
    for the graduate program for the 2023 fall semester, which has been changed.

    * Application Period: 2023.3.15.(Wed.) 10:00am ~ 2023.3.28.(Tue.) 18:00pm

    * Be sure to check the guidelines related to the application process and submission of documents for the admissions process, and be sure to check the guidelines related to academic veryfication and financial veryfication documents that are required to be submitted after final acceptance.
    (If you want to check the details of the regular admission process, Click the ‘Go to the Information’)
    * This is a notice for prospective applicants for the regular 2023 Fall Graduate Admission of UNIST.

    – Check the admission guidelines for the 2023 Fall graduate admissions, Online Application Procedures, and Sample of submitted documents: Go to the Information