2023 Spring Semester Graduate admission freshman(registrant) dormitory entrance demand survey request (Required/Important)

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12월 27, 2022

    We are conducting a dormitory entrance demand survey for final successful applicants

    who are scheduled to enter the graduate course in the Spring semester of 2023.

    Please be sure to complete the survey within the survey period on the linked site by clicking the ‘Go to Survey’ below.

    (Spring 1st registered students who received a survey request by email and completed the survey do not need to conduct it again.)


    (1) Survey title: Dormitory entrance demand survey of 2023 Spring semester graduate course freshman

    (2) Survey period: 2022.12.30.(Fri.) ~ 2023.1.4.(Wed.)

    (3) Purpose of Survey: Provision of stable dormitory(living environment) by predicting dormitory demand for freshmen

    (4) Go to survey