Information of the Final Announcement Schedule and Registration details for the 2024 Spring 2nd Graduate Admission(Be sure to check the Spring 1st successful registrants as well)

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12월 28, 2023

    The announcement of the final results for the 2024 Spring 2nd Graduate Admission
    will be opened.

    1. Announcement Date: 2023.12.28.(Thu.), 10:00am (Korean standard time)

    2. Where: On the website below

    3. Information required to be entered: Application No., Name, Nationality, Birthday, Gender

    4. The Final Results Announcement Inquiry for the 2024 Spring 2nd Admission: Go to the website

    * The 5th and 6th letters out of the 9 digits of the application number are alphabet capital letters.

    * Please be sure to check the attached files for instructions regarding Registration and Enrollment(Admission) of successful applicants.(Applicants are responsible for any disadvantages due to failure to confirm the instructions.)

    Announcement of Final.pdf_page_1