Information on application for withdrawal after registration for graduate program admissions(2023 Fall Semester)

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6월 29, 2023

    After accepted to UNIST’s graduate program admissions process, if you withdraw from admission as you are not able to submit Apostille documents(proof of academic background after registering) for admission, go to another university, employment, or due to personal reasons, you have to apply for ‘withdrawal after registration’.

    Guide for applying for ‘Registration Withdrawal’ is as follow.

    * Applicants are responsible for any disadvantages that arise if they do not apply for withdrawal of registration even if the reason for withdrawal of registration has occurred.(Employment, going to another university, not submitting proof of education and finances before visa issuance)

    * After an application for withdrawal of registration, it will be processed immediately within one week, but the academic record will be deleted before the date of admission. So, academic information may be delivered to you, but you can ignore it.

    * Linked webpage to apply for withdrawal after admission registration: Go to the Webpage

    Guide to application for withdrawal after registration for admission to graduate school